Welcome to Central Square and the Central Square Cultural District

Where Creativity, Science, Technology and Commerce Meet

Central Square is a vibrant destination for people seeking creative business, shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences. Central Square hums with constant activity from its independently owned shops and restaurants, creative start-ups, and corporations – all contributing to changing the Arts, Sciences, and Technology. Central Square is fueled by its neighborhood and cultural resources: City Hall, public art, resident working artists and students, dynamic cultural and community organizations, restaurants and clubs, and leading educational institutions like Cambridge College and MIT.

Central Square is a Cultural District, a designation that ties our diverse communities together through our unique proliferation of public art, entertainment, education, food and street culture. Central Square is the originator and host of exciting cultural events – occurring nightly and seasonally. Special events in C2 include the Central Elements and the Cambridge Science Festival, The World’s Fair, The Taste of Cambridge, A Festival of Dumplings, Pop-up Mini Golf, Lunch in the Park, Farmer’s Markets, A Superhero 5k, and the City Wide Dance Party, drawing annual audiences to the square in excess of 1,000,000 happy event-going people.

Central Square is constantly evolving while staying true to its core identity as an authentic, unique and eclectic place to live, work and play. The Square is part of the MIT and Cambridge College campuses and has long been a destination for students, faculty, visiting scholars, artists, and creative business owners due to our rich and varied cultural activities.