#CSBAspotlight: Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room

This month’s #CSBAspotlight: Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room! Located at 907 Main St, Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room has been a Central Square staple since 2013.

“We opened in 2013 during the second annual Dumpling Festival, but we’ve been in Central Square for much longer than that. Patty’s father actually owned a restaurant here for 20 years prior and when his lease was ending, we took it over with the new concept for a dumpling room. Patty’s father was the inspiration behind our whole restaurant. After growing up in China, he opened a restaurant in Taiwan that brought traditional Northern Chinese style dumplings and noodles to the Taiwanese. He then brought that same Chinese comfort food here in the 90s.

Now, we serve five to seven thousand dumplings per week. From mid-September through early November, that number doubles because of all the festivals and events we do. Dumplings are really just a little package. You can put meats, vegetables, and whatever else inside and then top them with delicious sauces. They’re so much more than just an appetizer, and Patty puts her heart and soul into every dish we put out.

Central Square is really a bridge between the two groups of people in Cambridge — the old guard and the new generation of change. We’re right in the middle of two and we love to see how our neighborhood is changing over the years. With that change, we’re also adapting. Our menu will evolve to create a more full experience of Patty’s heritage and give customers a taste of Northern Chinese culture.”

— Patty Chen & Marc Schulman, Owners of Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room