The 82nd Annual Meeting of the Central Square Business Association

The 82nd CSBA Annual Meeting was held on 3/19/2014 at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub.

George Metzger, CSBA President called the 82nd Annual Meeting to order and proceeded to thank our gracious hosts, Joseph and Nabil Sater.

City of Cambridge Mayor David Maher gave remarks on the progress of Central Square and the CSBA and remembered past President Carl Barron.

George then offered his memory of Carl Barron’s contribution to the CSBA and Central Square and then presented the slate for the 2014 CSBA Board. A Motion and Vote by CSBA Members was recorded.

SLATE of Nominees for 2014 CSBA Board of Directors:

Three Year Term through 2016
Mark Orent, Leader Bank
Patrick Barrett III, JMB Realty
Cathy Carr Kelly, Central Square Theater
Kara Cournoyer, Novartis
Elaina Romano, Cambridge Savings Bank
Devon Cole, Workbar

Current Directors through 2015
George Metzger, HMFH Architects
Josh Gerber, 1369 Coffee House
David Levine, Central Square Florists
Anya Alexandra Bear, MIT
Christopher Durkin, Harvest Coop
Nabil Sater, Middle East Restaurant

Current Directors through 2014
Jay Kiely, Forest City
Patrick Rowe, MITIMCo
Christina Abele, IDEO
Bill Scott, ePlace Real Estate
Sean Hope, Hope Legal Services
John J. Woods, Cambridge Housing Authority

George then presented the slate of CSBA Officers and asked for a Motion and a Vote by
the current CSBA Board.

CSBA Officers for 2014
George Metzger, President
Patrick Barrett III, Vice President
Patrick Rowe, Vice President
Jay Kiely, Clerk
Mark Orent, Treasurer

Board Emeritus: Norman McIver, Cambridge Trust Company

Newly appointed CSBA Vice-President then helped in the presentation of the 2014 Central in Motion Awards:

Thank you for your service and leadership to our retiring Board Members:
Susan Fleishman, CCTV Executive Director
Ping Wong, Cambridge Trust Company
Bill Scott who is returning to the board after serving as Vice President
Recognition of Carl F. Barron, Eternal Chairman of the CSBA Board

We graciously thank our event attendees, CSBA members, board members, committee members, City partners, volunteers, and our sponsors

The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
Forest City
Cambridge Trust Company
Cambridge Savings Bank
Leader Bank
Central Square Theater
ePlace Real Estate
HMFH Architects



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